Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3

update terbaru pinterest
Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3 
Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3- Kali ini Aplikasi Sosial Media Android akan memposting Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3. Pinterest adalah aplikasi sosial media android berbasis papan pin virtual, sehingga penggunanya bebas mengoleksi ataupun membagi kepada teman tentang isi web yang disukai.

Berikut Overview
Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3

Versi : 1.5.3

Android : 2.2 keatas

Harga : free

Update Terbaru :
  1. Tekan pemberitahuan untuk mengetahui kalau seseorang mengomentari, menyukai atau merepins pin.
  2. Cari/search....anda langsung menerima saran
  3. Memungkinkan mention teman di komentar
  4. Kirim pin keseseorang

Komentar Pengguna :
Michelle Hassanein
This is a great site for collecting and organising all the information you find on any topic on the net into one convenient place. It's also an excellent reference source as you can "repin" items from other users who have similar interests - so saves hours of surfing the net :)

Derek Shaun
This app is amazing for those of us who love expression through pictures! You can totally spend hours make on this app looking around or creating your own boards. It had quickly become my favorite app on my phone!

Tracy Krotzer
Just love this app/site. Tons of good ideas, info and tips. No problems at all with the app. <3

Megan Mayfield
Just got the Google nexus 4 and DL pinterest on my phone. So far its been working great. Love the interface and layout of the app!

Aaron Travis
Love this app. Love the concept. Love reqding funny pictures. BUT wver since the update it cuts off the bottom of the picture when I go to full view. Please fix this! I have to go to the website to see the bottom!

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Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3, semoga bermanfaat dan terimakasih sudah membaca Update Terbaru Pinterest 1.5.3.

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